A long time ago in another decade, I was a musician. It ran its course. Luckily I have a lot of that period of my life on tape.

Now I design.

angie heaton
This was my longest collaboration with another musician — ending with my swan song record with Angie, and her third CD, "Let it Ride". I recorded it and played a majority of the instruments. If you have iTunes on your computer, click here to listen to samples of Angie's music.

lucky & precious
a.k.a Angie & Kurt
* What if I was the one?

bronze le mans
All me and my music for soundtracks.
* lo-fi, do or di
* rk pg
* radio
* record

An one-night experiment that lasted for five years!! We did a video project, and recorded all our own music.
* backards
* coffee song
* dunes
* movie star